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The debate has raised an important question about the essential nature of the sport: is it really streaking without the element of surprise?" The upstate New York crew was undefeated in their prime in '04, successfully streaking a slew of private colleges, including Colgate University, Middlebury College, and Connecticut College.The 33-person squad posed for photos showing off their skill and athleticism on the rugby pitch, wearing just socks and cleats, to raise money for Beat, a U. “If each calendar sold gets just one person talking about these often-avoided topics, then OURFC Women and Beat have been very successful in their mission,” adds captain Carly Bliss, 27.Their goal was also to celebrate the strength of the female body."Each semester during finals period, team members quietly sneak into the library before going on a rampage, running naked through the stacks and screaming, 'Study harder!

The Oxford University women’s rugby team is tackling eating disorders – one nude calendar at a time. “The message that Beat promotes really fits with the positive body image and confidence that we promote at OURFC Women,” team president Helen Lamb tells PEOPLE in a statement.

From prudes who hate public breastfeeding to cowards who want to confine them to porn sites, society has a problem with women showing their bare breasts.

Today Tab readers and writers celebrate their nipples as a part of their body, not a sex object we should be ashamed of.

The rugby squad’s calendar is also building up excitement for Oxford’s annual match against rival Cambridge, which they’ll play at England’s Twickenham Stadium, known as “the home of England rugby” for the first time, a huge step for women’s rugby.

“The Women’s Varsity Match has 27 years of history, and I believe playing alongside the Men’s Varsity Match at Twickenham Stadium is the rightful place for this esteemed match,” says Bliss.

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