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I love eat pussy and to suck cock and swallow a good load.

love being on my knees while someone is face fucking me. Then I started wondering what it would be like to suck a mans cock.

What's important is that I like your cock, you are D D, not gross and not some crazy sex pig. I have a normal life but I like to get kinky in the bedroom, my favorite activities are having sex with a couple, I like doing the wife or girlfriend while being watched by the husband or boyfriend then I like to suck his cock.

Is it possible to find a nice normal guy here who just likes some cock every once in a while. For me it's a side interest at best that just gets strong once in a while. So please be patient and good and nice and teach me how to suck your cock real good. I also like to have one on one sex with single, married, straight, or Bi guys.

Girls please let me perform for your guys while you & your friends watch and tell me what to do. I am really attracted to guys with thick and athletic builds. I have all ready checked off going to a nudist resort. We meet and chat for a while and the head into the bed room. After a while she brings my head up and his hard cock is looking right at me.I'm looking to suck cock with a bud on a regular basis. I would like to find a couple that would allow me the chance to see if I like it. Then her phone rings, when she answers it I start sucking his cock. We did not know it but it was another couple on the phone listerning on what is going on.She invites them over and they bring a girl with them.I used to warm up my ass for fucking with buttplugs and dildo's,but have still not graduated to the real thing. I think about a hard cock, dripping with precum, just resting in my open mouth with my tongue out. I keep my cock and balls shaved smooth and the rest of the pubic area trimmed short.I used to have a thing for panties and lingerie when I was skinnier. She said she would like to see all the nether hair gone, so that may happen soon. I like to ride my motorcycle and hang out with friends.

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